Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt – Re-release out today!

From their Myspace Bulletin:


Studies show that you are a member of the MySpace Jet-Pack Group for one of two reasons: Either (a) you like We Are Scientists and know that the Jet-Pack forum is the place you can usually find us, or (b) you actually really like jet-packs. In either case, you're going to be pretty excited by the following bit of news:


The song is Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, and it's a good song, and we're into it, and probably you've already heard it and formed an opinion on it, but now, if you live in the U.K., we'd like you to buy it. Don't care, really, if you own the album already (and therefore the song) — we want you to go buy the single. Is that fair of us? No. But neither is it fair that the radio people won't give us ..1 single based on our powerful, golden tans and fast obstacle course times.

Here's one okay reason for you to buy that single: new b-sides that you've never heard. You got our cover of the Ronettes lovely 'Be My Baby', and then you got 'Ram It Home', a track we've never played for anyone but which, if you like Motley Crue or good music, you will probably love.

If you're down with the future, you can order the single online:

If you're actually *from* the future, you can download an iTunes-only acoustic version of the single here:

Stores are another place to find these things.

"I'm not from the U.K. — what the hell does all this have to do with me?" Lots. You need to email your U.K. friends and tell them about all this shit we've been telling you about here — the single and all. "I don't have any U.K. friends, guy." What the f*&%? What are you even saying! Listen to yourself! Time to make some U.K. friends! Tell you what you do: start dialing numbers. A U.K. cell phone number follows this format: +44-79-xxxx-xxxx. Plug in some random numbers and start making friends in another country! You never know when having U.K. friends will come in handy, but we do: right now, to tell them about our single.

Okay, enough about that goddamned beautiful mixed up crazy single. Please meet us at one of the listed meeting points so that we can deliver to you a top-secret message:



p.s.: Saw 'Slither' yesterday in London — please do not even bother with that piece of shit. We don't regret going because sometimes you just need to sit in a dark cave and eat popcorn and slurp cola, but maybe go see the new Bruce Willis job or something instead, cuz Slither was (here's the pull-quote:) a real wriggling slither-turd.


Note to U.S. fans, if you're buying the CD only, it's 5.74 GBP total, which is approximately $10.48 USD.


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