Reviews and Interviews from Frisco and Vegas and other tidbits

I apologize for the lack of updates for the past few days! I saw W.A.S. again this past weekend so I'll have a review of that sometime later this week.

When The Lights Go Down In The City
SFist – San Francisco,CA,USA
Who saw We Are Scientists at the Warfield last night? Did you catch the We Are Scientists giveaway we announced yesterday? Hey, that's some prize pack.

Fire and loathing
Las Vegas CityLife Thu, 01 Jun 2006 2:07 PM PDT
BY JEFF INMAN At this point Keith Murray should start thinking about fire. His manager has already told him he should. And his fans — at least the thousands of European fans Murray's band, We Are Scientists, is pulling these days — are starting to expect some. Big bands have fire.

MTV quickly mentions W.A.S. in this article.

USA Today's Pop Candy suggests listening to W.A.S. here.

North tells you here to go to Arctic Monkeys / W.A.S. show next week.


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