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There’s a lot to scroll through to get to the W.A.S. related stuff so to save the time to filter through everything I’ll post it here:

Stafford 8/20 18:28
His body is our body
Just got back from watching wack-tastic yankee goons We Are Scientists who motored onto the stage in go-karts and motorbike helmets and proceded to prove once and for all that emo isn’t just the preserve of moaning, myspace mummy’s boys. How good was it, you ask? I’ll tell you, it was so good they even coaxed Russell from Bloc Party out of the stage wings to pull some guitar solo shapes during ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’. So good, in fact, that the one with the moustache pissed himself onstage. So good even, that after that members of Editors clambered onto the stage and mopped it up with their hair. So good, that Kele from Bloc Party then came on and set fire to his own tongue, before pulling it out of his gullet, whirled it around his head as a burning effigy in praise of a brighter dawn and the fact that We Are Scientists had just played the opening bars of ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’. That good, in fact.* Anyway, 4 mins to go to Girls Aloud must dash…
*Not all events described may have actually occured, Alex Miller has been eating cheese

Chelmsford 8/19 21:45
The Presets (Live)
‘IT’S ALL TRUE’ says the t-shirt of Julian, one half of Aussie electro superstars The Presets. What? That Hylands Park is currently a quagmire of (still runny despite a downpour at 1.30pm) mud, straw, saw dust and rolls and rolls of sodden bog paper? That NME’s album reviews editor Julian Marshall says Girls Aloud were officially ‘good’ and ‘fun’? That Keith We Are Scientists is officially the dreamiest boy in pop? Well yes, then – it IS all true.

Chelmsford 8/19 17:37
And NME’s lovely Australian correspondent Alicia Broderson, sporting a foxy new short haircut, saw her dreams come true when she met her heroes We Are Scientists.
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Stafford 8/19 16:44
A Hard Sausage
*Update* Jake Moon is now nodding along and mouthing the words to Simian Vs Justice’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ in the backstage bar Yep, it’s me again. No more sleb spots, though NME’s mate in the know Conrad tells me Delays have asked for a photo of the mayor of Telford on their rider, whilst Chris from We Are Scientists has requested “a hard sausage”. Nice.

There’s been some news blurbs at NME and Contactmusic about The Ordinary Boys cancelling their set in Stafford and the W.A.S. set was extended to fill that gap.

And here are some lovely photos of Keith and Chris from this past weekend at V Festival, courtesy of LiveJournal community, rock_foto:



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