Audio and video that should be of interest

I found some posts at the W.A.S. discussion board that had links to some great audio files and a video clip:

We Are Scientists – Live in Toronto 6/17/06
I have no idea where this guy got this bootleg from, but this page has a link to a .zip file containing the full W.A.S. set from this night. The quality’s not so bad at all, and it includes all the witty stage banter that’s essential to every W.A.S. show. I especially enjoy the part Chris curses at someone in the audience who yelled out for “Spotomatic Freeze.”
This is video footage of Best Behaviour performed at the Paredes de Coura music festival in Portugal.


Orange Crush at V Festival
DOWNLOAD: MP3 and Video (in iPod format)
This is from the Editors board from RandomHeroX, and it’s a video of the whole song performed at V Festival. You can’t really see the guys in this video, but the audio’s good enough that you can definitely hear Keith singing.
If any of these links to download the files don’t work anymore, just let me know and I’ll re-upload them.


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