Lots of news

I’ve got so much news to post that I was tempted to break this up in bits and pieces so I’d have something to post about every day this week. I’ll spare you guys the wait and let you know what’s going on:

For the Also-Ran Buzz Bands tour, W.A.S. and Art Brut will be trading off on the headlining spot. Some of the confirmed shows where W.A.S. are headlining include: Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Pomona.

The View are supporting the second half of the UK tour. The support act for the first half of the tour is still TBA. Fellow Brooklyn band, Au Revoir Simone, will be opening on for this whole tour.

France isn’t alone in getting W.A.S. after the Biggest Tour in the History of Life Tour. There will be one show in Brussels, one in Amsterdam, and five in Germany.

To all those who were robbed of seeing W.A.S. this fall in the States, you can stop bombarding their myspace page with all the “Come to (insert east coast city name here)” comments. There will definitely be one last NYC show, and possibly one or two more east coast shows.

There will be new merchandise available for the tour and (hopefully) online soon: a zipper hoody, underwear, a bracelet, and new t-shirts. And everyone, please start crossing your fingers because there is a chance for all of you to be able to listen to “Bang Bang Rock and Roll” along with other non-released songs and a DVD with ALL the videos from With Love and Squalor.

And there’s another show in France! (Thanks, again, to Christelle for this information):
We Are Scientists with You Say Party! We Say Die! – November 17 in Lille at Le Tri Postal (I don’t have a link yet on when/where you can buy tickets to this show.)

The dates for the Germany shows are here (Thanks for this news, Maria!):
laut.de We Are Scientists Info + Tickets


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