Because Megan and Chris made me do this

Keith and Chris, then Chris and Michael with the Scissor Sisters
This isn’t real news- only in my twisted mind could this happen. This was on my blog, and in turn, I had Megan’s teasing chants of “I’m gonna tell Chris about this!” turn into Chris requesting that I put this link on here. (Thanks a lot, Megan! What’s next? *Are you going to link him to my masterpiece W.A.S.-slash fanfic, “Worth the Wait: Keith and Chris 4EVER”?)

*I’m only kidding here. I’m not the least bit creative enough to write fiction, especially fan fiction. Although I would be highly amused if someone even attempted to do that. 


One thought on “Because Megan and Chris made me do this

  1. You’re very welcome. He deserved to know of this GLORIOUS spectacle!!!


    I would be just as amoosed to see fic like that as well… and then I would see them in person again and try to picture it and probably cry with laughter or horror.

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