A tour review and a very long interview with Keith

Spinto Band/We Are Scientists/Art Brut @ Brickhouse Theatre
A writer at Axis of Live has some unflattering words to say about the W.A.S. set at this show.

I’ve added a page here called Extras where I’ll be posting longer articles (and possibly audio and video later) here. The first link I’ve included in this Extras page is a long, yet very insightful interview with Keith by Jon Barilone of Entertainment Today.

And if you’re as impatient as I am with wanting to know what the W.A.S. version of “Bang Bang Rock & Roll” sounds like, I found this video and this video of it performed in Austin.


5 thoughts on “A tour review and a very long interview with Keith

  1. As the founder of Axis of Live, I completely support Chele’s right to express her opinion. However, I do want to point out that her view is not necessarily the view of all contributors to the web site (there are currently 6), who have given in the past, glowing reviews of the band.

  2. I’m actually extremely impressed that Chele of Axis of Live noticed the Dirk Mcquigly impression! So I forgive her for thinking WAS is for screaming teeny girls, just this once. 😉

    And, let’s be honest, she does have a point. I felt SO old at saturday’s show. 🙂

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