Reviews from Seattle and San Francisco

Art Brut/We Are Scientists Show Review
Seattlest reviews the show here.

we are scientists + art brut = super fun times : a follow-up report
Metroblogging Seattle provides a longer review and another picture of the infamous jumpsuit here.

Art Brut @ Neumo’s October 7, 2006
A KEXP photographer’s slideshow of the Seattle show with really great shots of the show, especially of Art Brut.

Rediscovering Rock ‘N’ Roll
A review from the show at San Francisco’s Warfield, with yet another comparison to The Killers. (So I’m guessing that Art Brut wasn’t in the mood to do “The Great Escape” throughout all the Southern California shows, but they’re now fine with doing it everywhere else? WTF?)


2 thoughts on “Reviews from Seattle and San Francisco

  1. Check out the full set of Spinto/WAS/Art Brut pix from the Seattle show here:


    The was one of the best shows I’ve been to all year, by far!

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