News about Crap Attack, East Coast tour, and the update at imeem

I got a couple of answers about Crap Attack, in case you had a few questions about it:

– The release date in Germany is November 3, and for the UK it’s November 6. You can also buy it at the merch page on the 6th.
– As this CD/DVD pack is being released in the UK and Europe, the DVD inside is in Region 2/PAL format, which means the DVD in there isn’t watchable for North Americans with standard DVD players. If that doesn’t make sense to you, read about DVD region coding here.
– Their cover of “Hoppipola” on the CD isn’t the one you might’ve heard from the Radio 1 session, it’s been re-recorded.
– The North American release of Crap Attack will most likely be available the following month during the small east coast American tour.

Yes, you East Coasters who got screwed out of the A.R.B.B. tour, you’ll have the guys again after the whole UK/Europe/Brazil jaunt. They’ll be doing an intimate club tour with the “incredible and very handsome” Oxford Collapse in these following cities (I’ll try to get more details about the exact dates soon):

– Boston
– Philadelphia
– Brooklyn
– DC

Art Brut/Spinto/WAS Tour
Their imeem page was updated with some photos of the tour.


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