Chris answers questions about Crap Attack

Chris wanted to clear up a couple of questions everyone has about Crap Attack. This is what he posted at their discussion board:

Hey, women; hey, men. I will now clear up a few of these Crap Attack-related questions. If I have time, I’ll then work through a few general life-related questions.

(1) Regarding the fact that web stores selling Crap Attack universally fail to mention the DVD half of the package: websites are crazy robots! They don’t know fuck all! Or: They know fuck all! I can’t remember which way you Brits use it. Anyway, yeah, there is but one Crap Attack, and it is a Crap Attack that includes a CD and a DVD. It is impossible to get just the CD or just the DVD from Crap Attack — spend a thousand years trying; you will never succeed in separating them.

(2) Regarding the viewability (visibility?) of Crap Attack’s DVD on U.S. DVD players: bad. The DVD is in PAL format, and most US players apparently will not play PAL format video (just as most UK players will not play NTSC video (NTSC is the standard we use in the US)). This is a separate issue from region encoding. Regional encoding means authoring DVDs so that they can only be viewed in a select region (or select regions) — this is unrelated to the actual content of the DVD; it has to do with companies trying to protect DVDs and video games from being imported from the country where they’re cheapest instead of purchased locally. Crap Attack is not encoded for any particular region. That means that it will play on any computer with a DVD player, and on any standalone DVD player that plays PAL discs. So, to repeat, you will have no problem watching the UK version of Crap Attack on your computer (assuming it has a DVD drive), no matter where you live in the world. You might not have a problem watching it on your DVD player/TV set up even if you live in the U.S., as long as your DVD player supports PAL format video — you’ll need to check.

If you want to watch Crap Attack on your TV via your U.S., NTSC-only DVD player: You need to wait for our NTSC release of the album. We’re working hard to make sure this happens this year. The goal is to have an NTSC version available by beginning of December for The Nightcap Tour (it will also be on the website). The most likely packaging is a UK version of Crap Attack with an NTSC DVD rubberbanded on.

Please do not hesitate to pose further questions, as I either know the answer or will make up one so obviously wrong that you’ll know I’ve made it up and it’s wrong.


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