Another Crap Attack review and the most bad-ass Keith and Michael interview ever

We Are Scientists – Crap Attack
IndieLondon gives it a 4 out of 5 and adds some very nice compliments about the CD.

God Is In the TV – We Are Scientists
While Keith spouts his usual form of craziness here, Michael has made my day with this single quote:

M: Emo kids? I could CRUSH emo kids.

And if you didn’t already know, you can buy Crap Attack today! They put a Myspace bulletin up today about it:


We are invading the British retail space today with something called ‘Crap Attack’. Here’s the FAQ:


WHEN DOES IT COME OUT? A double disc — one CD, one DVD — with 15 tracks of music, 13 music videos, and a full live show we taped last spring in London.

IS THERE ANYTHING NEW ON IT? There’s a baby on the front; he’s got oatmeal all over his face; his bib says ‘Crap Attack: B-Sides, Videos, Remixes & Rarities’.

HOW WILL I IDENTIFY ‘CRAP ATTACK’? WHAT DOES THIS THING LOOK LIKE? Lots of new stuff. Unreleased songs; unreleased remixes; b-sides of only moderate availability; 10 videos you’ve never seen, unless you’re an obsessive fan, in which case there are at least 5 videos you’ve never seen. And there’s no way you’ve seen the pics of the baby.

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Why the hell are you asking us? We really have no idea.

DO KANGAROOS HAVE BETTER, MORE STIMULATING SEX THAN PEOPLE, OR IS THAT JUST A RUMOR? Music stores, our merch booth, or online. Just one example of the last:

If we STILL haven’t answered all your questions, you’ll find a comprehensive discussion of ‘Crap Attack’ here:


‘Crap Attack’ is in stores in Germany , and will be available everywhere else in the world via the WAS website in the next couple of weeks.


This is pretty good:


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