Photos from Southampton, NME’s review of Crap Attack, and reviews from Brussels and Brixton

Peter Hill’s We Are Scientists photos
Really, really nice photos of W.A.S. in Southampton from great rock photographer, Peter Hill. So many pictures here, it’s almost like you’re there watching the concert.

I posted the scan of NME’s review of Crap Attack at the Magazine Scans page.

This is a Dutch review of their show from Brussels this Sunday. was what I used to translate it here:

With a duplicate poster as these can the two sides out. There either is a structure of good to better, either there an anticlimax is. We Are Scientists furnished a reliable, but no superprestatie. TV On The Radio played however the competition of the stage.

…And then We must begin Are Scientists to it yet. This trio from Brooklyn stands known round their humor what naturally will do not say that they seriously do not take their music, for once the first notes sound, stand the faces serious. We saw they ever Editors (in whose furrow program they played) of the stage blow, but this turn appears the with difficulty the flame in the pan to do hit. Singer Chris Cain is not totally soft drink and its voice suffers below it. But the train hits finally really on the tracks and also the public begins to walk warmly. The action becomes set-in with four numbers that competent in each other overflow and end in Cash Cow as first high point. Other high points spread over the set its o. a. It’ s A Hated and afsluiter The Great Escape.

Between also single new numbers are proposed, that more down tempi have been turned its then what we of them. Only perhaps must the new work yet ripen before till bloom to come.

Finally the action ends really in an exuberant dance party and get the lovers for which they come be.

A successful evening and undoubtedly have the persons present where gotten for their money. But a duplicate poster is a ten-cent piece on its side. Both groups get divided dished up a public and can have that its repercussion. This turn was the victory for TV On The Radio, but with We Are Scientists they had a worthy adversary.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make much sense in the English translation here. I can’t tell if this reviewer liked the W.A.S. set overall or not. They have a few good photos from the show. Click on the text that says “Bekijk onze volledige fotogallerij!” at the end of the article and it’ll give you a pop-up window that has a slideshow.

We Are Scientists – Brixton Academy, London
This reviewer thinks the show would’ve been better with a shorter setlist.


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