Photos from Munich and cool Youtube finds

We are Scientists rockten am 23.11.2006 im Backstage Werk
These are photos from the Munich show (and yes, I agree that Keith needs to shave. There’s only room for one bearded member in W.A.S.)

Today’s Youtube search led to lots of fun videos to watch:

We Are Scientists Joking in Berlin

Hot Hot Heat @ Nokia Trends
That’s Michael on the cowbell in this video.

We Are Scientists: “Eu acho você legal”
Chris saying stuff in Portuguese at the show in Brazil (could somebody translate that, please?)


5 thoughts on “Photos from Munich and cool Youtube finds

  1. Hey, this has nothing to do with the post (except I agree that WAS doesn’t need another beard — keith should grow a unibrow) but I was wondering if you could upload the bootleg of the Toronto show as I no longer have my copy. I’d really appreciate it! (Just e-mail me back) Thanks!

  2. “Eu acho você legal” means “I think you’re cool” and later he says “Eu acho que vocês arrasam”, which means “I think you kick ass”

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