Voting for Beard of the Year 2006, photos from Munich, and some interviews


Michael won this last year from This is Fake DIY. While Beard of the Year 2005 was a nice title, I think “two time winner of Beard of the Year” sounds even better. Vote for him here. ETA: Ok, I think This is Fake DIY got the message, it’s just nominations at this point and he’s been nominated again. I’ll post the link to the voting page as soon as it’s up.

We Are Scientists – münchen | backstage werk
Photos from their show in Munich are here. (Thanks, Andrae!)

I might be too late in posting this, but I just found out about it. Go to Mania TV at 4 PM or 8 PM Eastern Standard Time TODAY and watch W.A.S. there as they’ve been given the title of Band of the Day. I would’ve sworn they were named this before, so I’m not sure if this video will be the same as the other one that’s floating around YouTube.

With Squalor and Squalor
Chris responds to taunts from The Grates and Oxford Collapse here.

And you’re a fool if you haven’t been checking We Aren’t’s Advent Calendar everyday. Great stuff there, as always!


7 thoughts on “Voting for Beard of the Year 2006, photos from Munich, and some interviews

  1. It took me forever to figure out how to actually access the WAS gallery… am I stupid?

    And yes, that advent calendar is amazing.

    Also, come to think of it, it’s awesome to know Tapper kept the beard for a whole year.

  2. haha i love that advent calendar. im so glad theyre back on that whole website thing, i missed it.

    and you know what i just found i had? michael tapper playing lethal enforcer. thats a gem, considering he quit after they recorded the album. i feel special, haha.
    i miss him and his beard 😦

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