Video interview from, and Beard of the Year update

We Are Scientists – Genies beherrschen das Chaos

Beard Of The Year Update: War Of Scientists?
Ok, what the hell is wrong with those of you out there who nominated Keith? He’s had a beard for how long…maybe a week or two? It’s Beard of the Year, people- Tapper has had his throughout the year. If it was a Best Side-Swept Hair of the Year, then I understand the need to have Keith listed. But this one should be Michael’s. (Thanks for the update, Jenn!)

ETA: And I know mentioned the Advent Calendar in the last post, but I have to stress going there again because Day 8 has an unbelievable set of exclusive photos there! (And thank goodness the votes there are going to the right person.)


5 thoughts on “Video interview from, and Beard of the Year update

  1. AHAHAHA that was a great interview.
    And I complete agree, Keith only has had that beard thing going on for a couple weeks, Tapper for Beard of the Year 2006!!!

  2. Michael is the beard and Chris is the moustache. Keith should just try for a goatee or a fu-manchu-stache (you know the one that hangs to the side, nothing in the middle). No seconds necessary! ūüėČ

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