Chris in PIMP Magazine and another NYC event

Pull The Other One, It’s Got Nobels On It
Chris talks about science and touring. Go to the DOWNLOAD NOW link and go to page 30.

They posted a bulletin on Myspace:


We’re all done touring. Forever. Well, until we write a new album. But in the interest of delaying so tiresome an exercise, we’re keeping busy in NYC this week.

First, on Wednesday, December 13th, we are crashing the weekly dance night thrown by New York’s infamous dj duo, the Dudettes (Fiona and C.O.). We’ll play records that sound really great once you’ve had fourteen gin and tonics. Promise.

Pianos (upstairs) 158 Ludlow st.
10 pm

Then, on Friday, December 15th, we play what we’ve been led to believe is the inaugeral Club NME party in New York City. We didn’t check on those statistics.

RUFF CLUB @ The Annex (152 Orchard St., LES)
11 pm
not free

Be there to say “goodbye” to We Are Scientists: Touring Giants and “hello” to We Are Scientists: Idiots In A Practice Space Begging God to Deliver Some Good Songs Into Their Minds.


One thought on “Chris in PIMP Magazine and another NYC event

  1. Woo! That’s such good news! I know that sounds odd, but you know it is! New music is on the way, or so they claim. Perhaps if we’re really lucky an awesome old song will sneak in. If they didn’t want to re-record, they could always pull a Bishop Allen and re-write all the lyrics and change the tune and just keep the name. They could even change that too.

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