New interviews and With Love and Squalor on a top 10 list

We Are Scientists – Hannah Nakano Stewart Talks Beards with Michael Tapper
Go to the magazine scans page to find an intereview from The Cambridge Student.

Top 10: John Williams, Senior Editor, JAM!
I know about several blogs that are mentioning W.A.S. on their top albums of 2006 list, but this one I had to mention because I like the Franz Ferdinand and Strokes comparison.

Exclusive Interview: We Are Scientists as Artist of the Day on
Watch Keith and Chris talk about the music videos and about kicking Michael out of the band.

And We Aren’t’s day 20 and 21 of the Advent Calendar has the long-awaited interview from Brixton! Interestingly enough, the guys mentioned “Editors” 13 times here. (Editors is one of my favorite bands too, but geez, W.A.S. really loves ’em.)


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