Their Queen’s Speech, iTunes Exclusive EP, An audio interview from Amsterdam, more interviews, photos from Haldern

W.A.S. Queen’s Speech
I’ve gotta add what they put in their Myspace bulletin here:

2006… you’re still having trouble wrapping your mind around it. So much stuff! So many things! Such a very high quantity of occurrences, in 2006!

Perhaps you’d better enlist the help of a professional in sussing out this most complex of years. Normally that pro would be the Queen of England, who annually delivers a speech recounting the highs and lows of the preceding 12 months. But the Queen is very busy playing Connect Four right now, so Chris is stepping in to fill her formidable men’s size 13 shoes.

You will want to take notes.

Live Session – EP – We Are Scientists

I think this is the same live EP I mentioned earlier that they were first selling through iTunes Japan, but this time Americans can buy it- woohoo!

WAS on tour with the Kaiser Chiefs
This was a really unexpected find, I was watching this interview and found this W.A.S. one amongst other cool interviews. And wow, my respect for Tapper went up a notch with the Sublime props. 🙂

Photos from Haldern Festival
Very nice photos of Keith and Chris here.

These were links to articles that are new to me that I found at We Aren’t

Best of Music 2006: Feature Artist Interview / We Are Scientists
Michael and Chris chat with Seattle Gay News about some of their favorite albums of this year.

We Are Scientists – Michael Tapper – Drums and Backing Vocals
Michael, again, brings a smile to my face with the mentioning of hate for emo.

Chemical Bother – We Are Scientists
Hmm…was Chris watching the current season of The OC when he came up with this storyline? Though it’s not exactly spot on, the gigolo service thing makes it pretty close. And it’s a shame they can’t make this happen now that the show’s almost over.

I’ve also got to mention We Aren’t’s very ambitious and really interesting project with making a gigography- I’m currently compiling my stuff to send to Allison and Ellie so I suggest that you also email them with your scans of stuff from previous W.A.S. gigs.


6 thoughts on “Their Queen’s Speech, iTunes Exclusive EP, An audio interview from Amsterdam, more interviews, photos from Haldern

  1. Chris shaved the moustache. Oh, wow.

    I also liked the little Dash terrorism moment. At least I’m pretty sure that was Dash haha.

  2. the casual observer will notice that the top agenda on the list of a true WAS fan concerns the ever-changing stylings of facial hair.

    I feel that it is now time for the mutton chops to make their way back in style.

  3. Sweet! Naked man butt! I mean, everything else in that video! That was hilarious. The first time “Chris” looked in the camera from that alternate angle was amazing… and the mustache gag, including the Chris-shave, was awesome! I suppose between albums is the best time to change an image, so that’s cool.

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