More on the ‘stache

An official press release from Virgin Records says:

We Are Scientists have done it again; but this time they’ve not commandeered the Arctic Monkey’s Brit Award, nor have they resurrected Boyz II Men’s ‘End of the Road’ to a new and grateful audience. No; now Keith, Michael & Chris have taken over that great British tradition brought to you each year by Her Majesty the Queen. Virgin Records are very pleased to present We Are Scientists and their Alternative New Year Message, hosted by Chris Cain and Chris Cain.

With a running time of just over seven minutes, Chris and Chris cover many important topics that affected us all throughout 2006: from harnessing the sun for growing crops and tanning, to animal attacks and how often they masturbate (the animals).

After being posted on only six days ago, W.A.S. Queen’s Speech has received over 21,000 hits and is fast becoming one of the hottest videos of 2007. The video reaches its climax when Chris Cain (voted #46 in NME’s cool list 2005) removes his world famous moustache.

Remember a We Are Scientists CD is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

To watch the We Are Scientists Alternative Queen’s Speech go to…


My Life, Lesson 53: Shaving a Moustache

And for your viewing pleasure, more pictures of Chris sans-mustache.


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