Some bootleg MP3s and a preview of that Rolling Stone episode

We Are Scientists
I was going to post the link to this yesterday, but I’m still having some trouble with downloading that first mp3 of the “End of the Road” cover…none of the links for that file work for me. So if anyone has that and would gladly share it, please let me know, and I’ll also re-upload the link to a more reliable server. The “Against All Odds” one works.

Trump of Judgment
This has some more about that show in general, but the W.A.S. stuff is here:

I’m from Rolling Stone, if it achieves nothing else, may disabuse the viewership of certain notions regarding bands. Bands are wankers. Look at those barbed nerds in We Are Scientists and how they treat poor Colin at his virgin interview. Cloudily, after much flapping of the notepad, he manages to ask whether they’ve been writing any new material on the road — or are they, uh, too focused on touring for that? “We are neither focused on touring nor capable of producing anything,” quacks a Scientist complacently. What a wanker.

😆 I really cannot wait to see this episode already. If I could manage to transfer it from the DVR on my computer, I would, but I have no idea how to do that. I trust that someone will have it on Youtube later.

ETA: According to this article, you Canandian fans can also watch this series on MTV Canada starting Jan. 11 at 10:30 PM.


6 thoughts on “Some bootleg MP3s and a preview of that Rolling Stone episode

  1. haha, I could tell from the first review where they were said to be mocking Colin that people would think they were jerks. C’mon! They mock every interviewer! It’s good fun.

  2. I’m thinking this episode with W.A.S. will be on this upcoming Sunday. It looks like the press outlets that have reviewed the show got a hold of the first two episodes. Two of the reviews I’ve read have mentioned the W.A.S. appearance. Since they weren’t on this premiere episode, I’m guessing we’ll see them on this next episode on Sunday or hopefully on the following one.

  3. im so excited to see this!!..instead of waiting to watching this on sunday you can actually watch it tomorow Friday jan.12 at 4:30 pm…Mtv does this thing called sneak peak or something were it airs new episodes before the night there really supposed too!! heres a link to the site i got this from:
    make sure your on the fridays scheduale! sorry if im wrong but im prettttttyyyyyyyy sure im right on this. just a heads up! 🙂

    Peace out! aslie

  4. I tried downloading the boyz 2 men cover from the berkeley link many many times and i can’t get it to work 😦 pretty please can someone upload a link on this site for my intense listening pleasure 🙂

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