The Giveaway of the Year

The New Year’s Giveaway

Exactly one year ago today, With Love and Squalor was released nationwide in America. I was at the Virgin Megastore at Hollywood & Highland amongst a crowd of about 30-75 fans and ecstatic that I was finally going to see Chris, Keith, and Michael perform together. From the glorious moments like these (I apologize in advance for anyone prone to motion sickness as I was really shitty with holding my camera on these times):

I knew that We Are Scientists had a certain magic to them that set them apart from everybody else. So to celebrate that legendary night, I’m giving stuff away again!

Starting now until the end of this month (January 31st), you can win all of these items:

An 11″ X 17″ promotional poster that I stole from my very first W.A.S. concert.

A brand new copy of the With Love and Squalor CD, which you should already have so this can be the one to replace your scratched up disc or the one you can leave in your car. (Thanks to Jamie for this!)

And a surprise. The surprise will be announced when I name the winner.

Email me with your name and mailing address at and with the subject line “New Year’s Giveaway” to enter. I’ll announce who won on February 1st. Again, there are no country restrictions with my giveaways, so don’t worry about it- as long as the US Post Office can deliver it to you- you can win. And I’m asking for your mailing address this time around so it’s one less step for me- if you don’t feel comfortable with providing it to me straight off the bat- I understand. It won’t decrease your chances on winning.

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “The Giveaway of the Year

  1. Hey Renee. Awesome job on keeping up the site; What’s the Word and complement each other well. You were at that Virgin Megastore release show?! I was the guy who first yelled out “Drum Solo!” ūüėõ

  2. Thanks! Yeah, We Aren’t still astounds me with the amount of work they catalog- I like sticking with mostly the news stuff and adding just a few random bits like this giveaway.

    And you were at the release show too? Awesome! That was the first time I witnessed some of that classic W.A.S. stage/audience interaction and that night was hilarious. They played a lot more songs than I expected too.

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