Watch the show on Sunday night!

Apologies, again, for the whole mix-up of thinking it was on Friday afternoon. I hate MTV. Anyway, the description for Sunday night’s episode is still:

First assignments are given out. Krish has to interview hip-hop artist El-P; Russell must do interviews with Lupe Fiasco and Ghostface Killah; and Colin has to write about We Are Scientists.

Let’s hope *you can watch it at its regular time.

*I hope it’s been obvious to those of you reading this post and any other posts about this show that by me saying “you,” I’m referring to “you” as someone who has access to watching the US version of MTV, not any of the other international MTVs. I have no idea if or when this show will be broadcasted overseas.  Again, your best chance to see this internationally is if someone will upload this to Youtube. also recapped some of this episode in their review of this show by highlighting some dialogue between the interviewer, Colin, and the guys…

Since Salon articles are sometimes only available to read for a limited time, I’m going to copy and paste the good stuff here:

The “act like professionals” part is the hardest of all, of course. Anyone who stammered and stuttered their way through their first few jobs out of college will appreciate the painful awkwardness of Colin, a junior at USC. He’s sent to Toronto to interview the band We Are Scientists, but when he arrives, instead of playing the part of a professional journalist, Colin acts like a shy kid following orders. “I’m supposed to talk to Storm from We Are Scientists, their tour manager?” he says to a crew member. “Should I just give her a call, or … do you guys have any way of getting in touch with her?” As he fumbles for his cellphone, someone grumbles, “She’ll come out in a few minutes,” then remarks that he’s late.

“I’m a little nervous, I don’t know my questions exactly, but I think I’ll be all right winging it,” he tells us in a voice-over. Uh-oh. Then, as he sits down with the band, tape recorder in hand, he says, “I’m just gonna turn this on and record everything we say.” Thanks for the information, kid. “Do you already have the levels checked? Is it gonna pick us up?” a band member says. “I hope so … Sure, I mean, do you wanna check?” Colin responds. “I don’t know, we just did two interviews and they checked levels,” snaps the band member. We’re off to a good start!

First question: “All right, so in case you guys didn’t know, you guys have a show tonight! I want to take this as serious as possible. I think I have that shirt, actually, which is a weird thing to say. Basically, I don’t know, I just want you to know, I like you guys as musicians. Um. How’s life on the road?”

Ah, yes. A time-honored approach to the interview: Ramble on incoherently, make everyone as uncomfortable as possible, and then ask an inane question that’s basically impossible to answer. Naturally, the band refuses to take Colin seriously from the very start.

Band member: They say the road ain’t no place to start a family.

Colin: Are you guys working on new material right now, or are you just all focused on touring?

Band member: We’re neither focused on touring nor capable of producing anything.

Colin: So you’re in a state of stagnation.

Band member: As you can now attest, we don’t say anything sincere during an interview

Please god let one of the guys be singing that famous Journey lyric. 🙂

And if you enjoy this show that much, try testing your music journalism trivia skills at this game where you can answer this question:

One likes to get involved
The Guardian reports on the W.A.S. Queen’s Speech.


8 thoughts on “Watch the show on Sunday night!

  1. Doesn’t look like the episode is on today… Super Sweet 16 ended and it said I’m From Rolling Stone was coming on next but Boiling Point came on. Did anyone get to see it?

    I just sat through Boiling Point hoping it might turn into Rolling Stone. Dang, that show sucks.

  2. how did colin possibly write anything from his horrible questions? but the close up of keith and scenes of the concert were redeeming!!!!

  3. I felt so bad for the kid! He had no idea what he was getting into. WAS is REALLY not a good bunch for a first timer to interview.

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