COACHELLA and new album news


We Are Scientists at Coachella 2007*

Details on the full 3-day line up are here:

I am so glad I bought those pre-sale tickets. 😀

* I just got official word that this is not 100% confirmed yet. W.A.S. “haven’t given final confirmation on Coachella despite what the site says.” I’ll update the status about this the minute I get more info.

Please only refer to THIS post about the Coachella/W.A.S. situation.

We Are Scientists preview new album tracks
Two new songs! (Thanks for the tip, Sam!)


5 thoughts on “COACHELLA and new album news

  1. Mixed reaction –

    Really pleased about the album news.

    Extreme wild jealousy is bubbling up at the Coachella news, grrr. Wish I could go! The line-up is awesome x

  2. Ohhh…. damn those Coachella peepz, putting up the unconfirmed acts. They could’ve held back on this info and announced it later instead (if an agreement was made), as last-minute, surprise additions — like they’ve done in the past. 😦

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