Final word about Coachella, 2/3 of W.A.S. with the Kaiser Chiefs

We Are Scientists will not be at Coachella this year.

From Chris:

We’re officially not doing Coachella this year. As I said, the promoters jumped the gun in including us on their materials earlier this week — assuming, maybe, that a band of our relatively meager cache wouldn’t consider turning down an offer to play the finest U.S. music festival. But they underestimate both our laziness and our cowardice. Since — unless something goes terribly awry — we’ll be right in the middle of recording our next record (tentatively titled “Berries! Is!! Good, Yummm!!! Hey?”) when Coachella rolls ’round, we’re concerned that we’ll be totally out of shape, unable to put on a great live show, and that getting into shape would majorly interrupt the recording effort. Basically, we’re not getting on stage in Indio without super-ripped abs deflecting the desert light in all sorts of directions, like a prism, and right now our bellies look like sun-bleached dead catfish, and by April they’ll look even more like that, eerily so.

But we make this vow: Next year! Coachella! Abs agleam!

There you have it, folks. Despite the lack of W.A.S., it should still be a spectacular festival.

Kaiser Chiefs Listening Party – Filter
Kaiser Chiefs host album party in New York –
While Michael was busy hanging out with Foreign Born last night, Keith and Chris were getting friendly with the Kaiser Chiefs at their new album listening party.

Keith and Chris with a Kaiser Chief


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