Three extra shows in February

Yay! THREE MORE SHOWS added to the UK trip in February.

Their most recent Myspace bulletin says:

People –

In order to help us remember how to perform both our songs and our scripted between-song banter in time for our NME Awards show at the Astoria on February 27 (which, contrary to claims on the NME’s own ill-maintained site, is sold out, sold way out, like, sold out the day they went on sale, so what kind of fantasy world is the NME’s webmaster living in, keeping a live link to the ticket provider’s site, where excited would-be-concertgoers will have their hopes dashed when they realize that, sorry, sucker, it’s sold out, you should have bought your tickets like three seconds after they went on sale?), we’re playing a few warm-up and cool-down shows in the UK around that date. They are:

Sun, Feb 25
Loughborough University
Box office :- 01509 635 5000 / /

Mon, Feb 26
Hull University
Box office :- 01482 466264 / /

Wed, Feb 28
Bournemouth University
Box office:- 01482 503888 /

Word on the street is that the tickets go on sale on Monday afternoon. Enjoy!

Have fun seeing them again, all you UK fans!


5 thoughts on “Three extra shows in February

  1. Laura… once upon a time I frequented said Students Union. Not very often. My boyfriend at the time was a student so that’s why I was there. Honestly the only thing I ever liked about Loughborough was the amaaaaaaaaaaaazing chippy not far from our house. Mmm. Best Chip Shop in England, I say. And really, that’s all that can be said for the place. Or at least that’s how it was 8 years ago. *G*

    This news does make me rather nostalgic, though. 🙂

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