A tour of the East Village with W.A.S.

We Are Scientists – Arte
This was a great find by ZittyStardust at The Killers Community. The site is in French, but this is what it says in English:

Chris, Keith and Michael, of the group “We are Scientists” adore speech, especially to tell anything. The three rogues propose to us a guided tour through East Village, the district where they live.

15 years ago, East Village was regarded as evil famed and dangerous, since, the wheel turned and the district is today one of most expensive of New York. From California, it is here that they chose to pose their bags; in these streets where cohabit more than one hundred of nationalities.

“We are Scientists” are defined as a disco music-punk group and enjoy their peak of current success in all relaxation. Their second album left a few months ago, greeted by the musical press, and they have just completed a round with Arctic Monkeys. The trio owes its American opening with the series tele OC California which took again several their pieces. A juicy business…

And there’s video! Go here to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xzi89d or if that sendspace link doesn’t work, try this- http://www.zshare.net/video/special-new-york-tracks-arte-15-feb-2007-avi.html 


4 thoughts on “A tour of the East Village with W.A.S.

  1. Is there anyone that can transcribe what the guys are saying? I’m having a really hard time listening past the French and I don’t speak French so that doesn’t help!

  2. You’re not really missing much in what they’re saying in English. But I’d say the best thing to do to hear past the French subbing is to turn up the volume really loud. I know that doesn’t make much sense but that was how I was able to hear them.

  3. In fact, we didn’t learn a lot of interesting things about them and their NYC life, but we were dead laughing, especially about the little dog.
    and i adore their clothes. so class.

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