About last night’s show at Loughborough Uni

It looks like you lucky lot that saw them tonight got four new songs!

Last night’s setlist included:

Spoken For
This Scene is Dead
Worth the Wait
Lousy Reputation
Nobody Move
Can’t Lose
Call Backs
Best Behavior
Chick Lit
Cash Cow
It’s a Hit

Great Escape

Does anybody have pictures or videos that they’re willing to share? I’m sure everyone out there would love to know what these new songs sound like. 😀

EDIT: Thanks for the correction, Rowan and Nadia!


10 thoughts on “About last night’s show at Loughborough Uni

  1. We have photos which well email you later. Full review will be up on Fat Amp Music by the end of the week.

    Spoken For – in the words of Keith – was a slow and sleazy track

    Dinosaurs- Got a bit overexcited by the fact they have a song called dinosaurs so need to rack my brains a little later to recall that one.

    Chick Lit – funk meets indie

    Patience- catchy mid-tempo indie-pop number

  2. Oh my god, it was awesome!! I’ve got some pictures/ video. I’ll get them to you asap. I’m seeing them tomorrow in London too, so I’ll try and get some more x

    *smiley smiley**happy happy*

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