More of Keith at SXSW, German shows coming soon

Keith Murray Tells It Like It Is
Keith agrees to keep a blog of his SXSW adventures for NME.

Keith’s Demo Hell
Keith’s Demo Hell Part 2
NME talks to Keith about receiving demo CDs. NME promises to have more from him there so I’ll be continually editing this post. (Thanks, Caroline and Rachel!)

Surfen auf der Nachwuchswelle
The site’s in German, but the important news is that they’ll be playing shows on March 26 and April 8.  There’s also this news bit from the same website that mentions how Chris and the English translation of it doesn’t make any sense to me…any German fans want to help me out here? used to be a tourist guide. (Thanks, Lena!)


4 thoughts on “More of Keith at SXSW, German shows coming soon

  1. well says it means

    “Or Chris Cain, bass of We Are Scientists who should have worked earlier really once as a city leader. On the heels of the trio, we become witness of a city leadership of that something other type. Moreover the creative heads wait of!!! on your visit, that established itself next to many further artists in the scene-District Brooklyn”

    but i still dont get it…


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