W.A.S. listed for Carling Weekend Reading and Leeds Festivals

Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival Confirmed
The boys are on Sunday, August 26 at the Radio One/NME Stage

Carling Weekend: Reading Festival Confirmed
And they’re on Saturday, August 25 at the Radio One/NME Stage for this one.


21 thoughts on “W.A.S. listed for Carling Weekend Reading and Leeds Festivals

  1. I must go to this. Why do I have to live 200 miles away? I am gonna spend my time from now on convincing someone to go with me.

  2. I honestly don’t think We Are Scientists will be doing any shows here in the U.S. and Canada this summer. I’d be surprised if they even line up anything for September.

    But you never know with these guys. I’d like to stay optimistic about these kinda things.

  3. they played oxegen last year…on the sunday morning just before wolfmother i think, i was there, it rained and rained and rained but it was awesome amounts of fun..

    hopefully they’ll stop touring and get to work on the new album…

  4. meant to say what phisses me off is that they are second headliners to the VIEW?! WTF?! Reading/Leeds organisers have you gone mad?!

    The only reason the view are headlining is because of the hype…as the artic monkeys said DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE (except in their case):P

  5. they said themselves they aren’t touring to record this album, hence the reason they aren’t doing coachella? these are big festivals (at least I think, I’m from the states) so of course they are going to do them, but otherwise..how long do they tour consistantly? I think being ungrateful they aren’t coming out for a few months is really unneeded.

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