In Germany next week! And Locksley vs. We Are Scientists!

So while their “shows” section on their site doesn’t list them- if you visit their myspace page, they’ve updated the shows listing there by adding two shows they’re doing next week:

Apr 27 2007 Mau Club – Coca Cola Soundwave Discovery Tour 2007 Rostock
Apr 28 2007 Docks – Coca Cola Soundwave Discovery Tour 2007 Hamburg

I’ve been trying to look up for anything on these two shows and so far, I found the official site of this Coca-Cola Soundwave Discovery Tour and they had this to say about W.A.S. being there:



There’s a couple more things at that site about them, but it’s in German and it’s all in lovely flash so I can’t copy and paste the text to a site and translate what it says there. Anyway, have fun, German W.A.S. fans with seeing them next week!

ETA: Oh, and good thing to know about this show- IT’S FREE! (Thanks, Lena!)

Locksley throws down with We Are Scientists
I don’t even know who Locksley is, but I like them already for their dare to Keith at the 1:20 mark. DO IT, KEITH, DO IT!

Art Brut preview new songs in New York
Michael and Keith were mentioned here as possible stand-ins for Art Brut’s drummer, Mikey.

And I just noticed looking at the current date today that this upcoming Friday makes it a year that I’ve had this site online. Woo-hoo! Although I don’t think anyone even knew this site existed back then, I’m proud because this is the longest I’ve kept a site without losing interest in it yet.

ETA again: Supermassive thanks to all the well wishers- it means a lot to me, and I’m grateful to all of you who visit this site. 😀


16 thoughts on “In Germany next week! And Locksley vs. We Are Scientists!

  1. yay! a whole year!!!!!!!!! i remeber comeing a looong time ago when i first discovered was and your sites loooookking better! lots and lotsa upsdates!!

  2. Locksley sucks! Sike. i don’t know who they are! i hope their jokeing there not funny like Was is. butif keith shaves his head. i repeat if keith EVER shaves his head. i will slap someone.

  3. Hey Renee, congratulations on the site’s birthday! The new look is great too.

    (I ♥ Keith’s hair, it should NEVER be more than lightly trimmed…)

  4. This site’s only been up a year 😯 I didn’t know that. Well done, Renee! 😀

    Um… those dates… I take it they’re doing some recording in Rostock & Hamburg-area? ‘cuz you know, that’s why they didn’t want to do Coachella that same weekend — busy recording and all… *raises eyebrows*

  5. Good point. Nicer place. Although if it was for the money, that reason would even be better and I would respect them more. :p

  6. this site’s been such a lovely complement to the actual W.A.S. site. Has it really only been a year? it seems like more…i think the first time i stumbled upon it was last summer… anyway…good job renee!

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