Crap Attack videos and Keith at an Oxford Collapse show, Popworld Pulp

If you go to the We Are Scientists youtube page, you can watch all the music videos from Crap Attack. (Thanks Nathaniel from Nebulize My Mind!)

And if you go this site, Baebel Music, you can watch full concerts from some really good bands. I found this one of Oxford Collapse, and if you watch “Forgot to Write” you’ll see Keith jump in and sing along and etc.

The new issue of Popworld Pulp has this about W.A.S.:

Column “Ask a scientist”

“Got a band-based problem? We are scientists have the answer”

Q: I get terrible stage-fright and I’ve got a big gig coming up. Other than tequila what will help me?
Kieran 24

A:Keith Murray ” Opiates? Only joking. I guess anything will help. Whisky, if you can’t get tequila. Meditation…over a bottle of whisky. If you meditate over how quickly you can get it into you, that helps”

Got a question for W.A.S?
Email it to with “Help me, Scientists” in the subject line

I don’t have a copy of this magazine, but I’m guessing this only available to those living in the UK. (Thanks, Caroline!)


2 thoughts on “Crap Attack videos and Keith at an Oxford Collapse show, Popworld Pulp

  1. unfortunately popworld pulp became just that after being shut down after just 1 week! Apparently sales were so poor they decided to scrap the whole project – I mean bloody hell, at least give it longer than one week! Ever heard of building momentum?

    I never saw a copy on sale

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