Pictures and video from the Germany shows and pictures of Michael DJing

These two flickr sets: One Two
have pictures from this past weekend’s Coca-Cola Soundwave Discovery tour. Nice haircuts, Keith and Chris!

Videos from same event: One Two

If there any other fans who went to this show please share some details! Did they play new songs?

Louis XIV, Secret Machines, We Are Scientists @ Avalon – February 16, 2007
Michael DJ’d at this club in Hollywood two months ago. Pictures of him start on the 8th row.

Isn’t it Keith’s birthday today? I’m thinking it is, but now I’m not sure. I’d be grateful if someone could confirm this so I can at least give him the similar treatment I did for Michael’s day.


18 thoughts on “Pictures and video from the Germany shows and pictures of Michael DJing

  1. I am sad that Keith cut his hair…but I’m sure I’ll get used to it…

    But yeah his myspace still says 29, as Lena said…but I was thinking it must be soon, cos he’s a Taurus…

  2. hes not scurrred of Locksley! haha jk..i think it looks good. i miss his hair. but its keith and hes wonderful!

  3. Sure thing! I thought he’d hate me for it, because he’s turning 30 and maybe he’s got a problem with it but he seemed to be just fine! *laughs*

  4. hihi he has a space as well?
    whats chris date of birth?
    and keith is still looking good with that short hair i mean its not really short at certain parts so its ok!
    but chris looks really funny now!

  5. what i wanted to say and missed to add…
    eh yeah they played 3 new songs…dinasaurs was the best of them as i think(of the new stuff not in general)and they were not talking as much as usual,but they kept their sense of humor! it was terrific!!!

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