We Are Scientists NOT opening for Muse at Wembley

Chris sets the record straight about the opening for Muse news:

“The fine, very fine Muse did extend the invitation to play the two Wembley shows. We had no choice but to decline, though, cuz doing them would’ve meant bumping back recording…”

So there’s the official word on that- sorry to get any of your hopes up there.

(But hey, if you happen to be a ticket holder to any of these Muse Wembley shows- does this news even make a difference? YOU’RE STILL SEEING MUSE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.)

ETA 5-25-07: Yes, I know NME has posted a new article at their website that is contrary to the information above. But until you see an updated news post here, the We Are Scientists shows page, or their Myspace page, do not believe these reports from NME or any other media outlet. Haha! Well it looks like NME fixed this blunder up within the two hours I had edited this post.

I also know that W.A.S. has been mentioned to be an opener for the Parc des Princes show- but as far as I know, that is unconfirmed information.


6 thoughts on “We Are Scientists NOT opening for Muse at Wembley

  1. ok.. I really don’t like Muse, but i would be ready to pay a lot of money to see WAS, even just a few minutes.

    They come to France, the 23rd June, at the Parc des Princes, opening for Muse with Archive(wtfuuck???).
    and i’ll just explode, because it’s sold out…

    RHAHAHAHAHA, is this their unique venue in France for this summer? FUCK!!! i’m angryyyy!

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