Beat Up Old Fellas = ART BRUT 47? ++ The King Left
It looks like this week would be a good time to be around New York:

Beat Up Old Fellas – 2007 Tour Dates
June 6 @ Luna Lounge w/ Nicole Atkins & The Sea and The Long Blondes
June 8 @ Maxwell’s w/ Snowden & The King Left
June 9 @ Mercury Lounge w/ The Spinto Band, The Teeth & Bling Kong

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is true. The band name is fitting 😛 – I’d like to see that on a t-shirt.

ETA 6/4/07:
We Are Scientists to Play Three Secret Shows
Looks like NME confirmed these gigs with the guys. And ooh, looks like they’ll be on the west coast next week! C’mon, bring the “secret shows” here, damnit!

Oh, and check out the updated news and shows pages on the official site!


9 thoughts on “Shows THIS week- CONFIRMED

  1. Yeah, after I saw those mentions of Mercury Lounge on the WAS discussion board I looked up their calendar and searched for each band’s individual websites on the ‘net. Beat Up Old Fellas were the only ones you couldn’t find anything on Google 😛

    They should make that into an album title.

  2. man this is crazy! Snowden and Kings of Leon are on tour (the two bands I reaaaally want to see at the mo’) and now WAS is playing iwth Snowden. I am very devastated.

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