New songs played last night

We Are Scientists preview new material in Brooklyn
A setlist with all new songs (and is it just me but don’t a lot of these songs titles sound like video game titles?):

‘Spoken For’
‘Best Behavior’
‘Rush N’ Attack’
‘Altered Beast’
‘Let’s See It’
‘Lethal Enforcer’
‘Dig Dug’
‘Tonight, Tonight’

Fans going to these not-so-secret shows, I am begging you to record video clips of these new songs! If you need help hosting these clips or uploading them email-me and I will help you!! Don’t bother with pictures (unless you’re a professional photographer), we all know what they look like- fill up those memory cards with video files (and have steady hands while filming) !


15 thoughts on “New songs played last night

  1. ‘Rush N’ Attack’ — I’m thinking something like Sonic the Hedgehog.

    ‘Altered Beast’ — a fighting game.

    ‘Lethal Enforcer’ — RPG military or secret agent game.

    ‘Dinosaurs’ — hmmm… something like the cute puppy Nintendo DS game. except with dinosaurs and you have to try to keep from being extinct.

    ‘Dig Dug’ — definitely a game! umm… either a Katamari-like game or Bust-A-Move

    …hey this is fun. 😀

  2. im going.. but im kinda upset that its just all new stuff b/c i really dont know much of, only ‘best behaviour’ & ‘tonight tonight’. im definitely excited to hear new stuff but i also hope they play a little but of old stuff too

  3. okay.. i just realized they wont play old stuff.. i guess im really fine with it, its just im afraid my friends wont be interested

  4. For once I wish I was American! or they were English, either way… damn it!!!

    But yay, if they have so many written and done and everything the album must be pretty darn close!

    How would they top a video for every single?

  5. hey hey emzy lets not be dissin’ the ‘mericans
    haha actually, this is the one time im happy to be american.
    those friends were actually really impressed with the show, as was i.
    i have some videos, but it looks like it would end up just be a duplicate.
    the new stuff is awesome, get ready! i loved their little reference to the video games, that was funny.
    The banter was down to a minimal..but it was small and they were opening.. maybe they werent really trying

  6. oh mann! i just got that freebird reference, the whole show i thought.. why would someone yell out freeport?? loll.
    some kid against the stage asked them to play lousy reputation and keith just laughed, but then during the show keith was like heres lousy reputation for this kid!
    but they tricked us =[. it wasnt!

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