Sneak peek of the Maxwell’s show

So it’s only been a few hours since W.A.S. were playing at Maxwell’s and I’ve already received video links! Many, many, many thanks go to Julia for emailing me and uploading these vids so fast:

“Best Behavior”

And I don’t know the name of this one (I think I can find it, but I’m too sleepy to look for it right now):

There’ll be more to add here, so keep checking this post for the latest info on this show.

ETA: 12:13 PM

Ok, Julia kindly left me a review of her gig and I’ve trimmed out the juicy details for all of you short attention span kids:

  • “it was difficult to really understand what the final album cut is going sound like…. they started up with slower songs, but the last two were really rocking.”
  • “it definitely not the dance rock of WLAS. Keith’s vocals are more in the forefront too.  Gentler in some ways, although as the gig went on, the intensity really increased.”
  • “AND you were right about the videos games! Chris mentioned Rush N’Attack, said that Altered Beast came from Sega Genesis, and later joked that they ran out of video games. Speaking of jokes, some poor soul asked for Dissect an Alien, Spotomatic Freeze, and then Freebird. Only Freebird was not met with total contempt 🙂 “
  • “Not too much banter… Keith wanted Chris to replace punctuation in his speech with guitar triads.”
  • “Keith said a cute ‘thank you’ after every song and always referred to themselves as Beat Up Old Fellas”

And, again, there’ll be more to add here- if you were also at this show or at any other Beat Up Old Fellas show-don’t be greedy and share your stories and camera goodies! 


14 thoughts on “Sneak peek of the Maxwell’s show

  1. im pretty sure that second songs impatience, cant wait to hear the new new songs. if they sound anything like the titles they should be awsome.

  2. I really cannont wait for Best Behaviour, it sounds so great, like all the times ive heard it… and the other one is amazing too!! Ahh I wish I could have been there…

  3. is it sad that i got all excitied to go on the internet to find these videos? 😛 but seriously…i want to hear it all 😛

  4. haha hey that Freebird thing was my idea. I yelled for it during the encore at two Decemberists shows last October, and have yelled for it at shows since. Ever since then people keep stealing my Freebird idea.

    I think the second song is Impatience to.

    man, all those song titles sound sooo great…can’t wait!

  5.’s gona suck if Keith’s not dancing at the mic along with the music 😛 but slow songs might be quite nice i suppose 🙂

  6. julia! whoever you are! you were standing almost exactly where i was! i was a little bit to the right of that guy w/ the hat, one person away from him! thats crazy

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