Supporting a Snow Patrol gig in September

Snow Patrol to play homecoming gig
Ash and W.A.S. are listed to be the opening acts for this show. Tickets on sale this Friday!

And wow, I am very surprised by the amount of recent updates to the official site’s news page.  Oh, and if you go to their Myspace page and look at their photos, you’ll see some photos there that look like they should’ve been added to the Imeem tour blog.


11 thoughts on “Supporting a Snow Patrol gig in September

  1. oooh…wish they were doing a homecoming gig in scotland too(considering thats where they formed and stuff)..just so i could see WAS support them…and i quite like Ash…and of course Snow Patrol..but i saw them twice last year…

  2. Fiona- I know about that. I’m going to upload the scan of that later. Even though the Wembley gig didn’t come through, it doesn’t rule out of the possibility that they could do a show together sometime in the future! I’d be shitting myself if they toured together this fall since Muse will be around the west/southwest of the States.

  3. You better take up that offer, Adrian! If you haven’t seen Muse before, you really need to because they put on a show like no one else out there. They will blow your mind. 😀

  4. I have seen them once before, and that show was freaking amazing. I terrified Matthew afterwards with a Matthewdoll haha. I jdon’t listen to them as much as I used to, I dunno if I really wanna go.

  5. LOL, you made Matt a Matthewdoll? I shouldn’t be surprised but wow I would’ve loved to see the look on his face. (If you made one for Dom, he’d probably laugh his ass off.) Did you not like the new album? I know it’s different from <em>Absolution</em>, but it’s still brilliant. If airfare to Portland wasn’t so damn expensive from L.A. I’d be there!! And same goes for the shows in Seattle, Utah, Colorado, Arizona…<em>*sigh*</em> and goddamn London this weekend too.

  6. No, I like the new album as much as the last. I just don’t listen to them very often. I blame WAS — I don’t really listen to anything other than WAS nowadays. Fow a month or two I’ll switch back between WAS and another band, but then I’ll just go back to WAS. :s
    but I think I’ll see MUSE. It was such an amazing show, everyone should see MUSE. And maybe I’ll make a Domdoll!

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