UK tour news, news update at the W.A.S. homepage, a couple more magazine scans

Kaisers Go Arena
Late November and early December has W.A.S. supporting the Kaiser Chiefs for their arena tour.

The tour calls at:


21 Exeter Westpoint Arena
22 Bournemouth BIC
24 Cardiff CIA
26 Birmingham NIA
28 Nottingham Arena
30 Manchester MEN Arena


03 Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
04 Hull Arena
10 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
14 London Earls Court

Tickets go on sale at 9am this Friday, the 29th. Pre-sale tickets are available via the Kaiser Chiefs’ website from 9am on Wednesday June 27.

In case you haven’t been checking their site often and if you’re not subscribed to their Myspace blog, check out their news page to see how the recording’s going and etc. (How about some YouTube videos, guys?)

And after six months of waiting, I’ve finally got two old magazine scans up from Alternative Ulster. Are these articles timely and necessary to read? No, but if you are a W.A.S. completist and want to read a few humorous bits from Keith, click on the magazine scans page.


ETA: 6/28/07 – There’s an updated advice page too!


27 thoughts on “UK tour news, news update at the W.A.S. homepage, a couple more magazine scans

  1. Here’s hoping my mum’s love for the Kaiser Chiefs will finally pay off!! yay Earls court!!!

    I love the pictures of Keith at the beach, so pretty!

  2. Yeah trust them to tour the UK first. ARRGH if there’s another one of those concerts that they do when I am out of town I am fucking going to lay down the FUCKING GAUNTLET; I am going to throw down some whoop-ass, man,


    man, if I have to throw down I will throw the god damn down. I will throw down YOUR grandmother. and wack her in the face with her hairnet, man.

  3. for the record “your” stands as an all-encompassing term for the grandmother of all grandmothers, the stem-cell. in which case I will be throwing down a petri dish and smashing test tubes into my eyes in order to bleed on the fucking setlist that I beat up a little kid in order to steal.

  4. LMAO! Well, that’s where their bills get paid so trust them to go to the UK first than tour in America.

    And I’ve had my similar (but not as severe) message of an ass-whoopin’ passed on to the boys about the need to see them perform ASAP. But my hopes on seeing them this year are gone. :*( (I’ve got Editors shows next month and Sept. to be excited about anyway, so who needs ’em!)

  5. awwwwww stupid WAS!

    when I saw their bulletin at first i was effin’ excited!! I had heard rumours that Kaiser Chiefs would do another tour here in September so i figured WAS were opening for that.

    but no. it’s in the damn’d UK.

    the lyric “wanna put my tender heart in a blender watch it spi aorund to a beautiful oblivion” came to mind. XP (

  6. Bands tend to announce the distant dates first and then pop up with the ones in-between later. I wonder who the lucky victims are for September and October dates (if any)?

  7. “WOOO I have tickets!! me and my mum will be there… sitting because shes not too well, but yay still!!!!”

    ^^ this endearing statement somehow makes me feel better.

    “Bands tend to announce the distant dates first and then pop up with the ones in-between later. I wonder who the lucky victims are for September and October dates (if any)?”

    are you insinuating that there are sept. and oct. dates for North America because that would be reaaaaaally awesome considering I won’t be swamped with work and could drive mild distances if necessary

  8. they’ll probably be wrappign up with recording round the time KC are touring, which is probly why they touring. I bet they’ll tour N. America in Jan/Feb.

  9. What the hell is up with W.A.S. fans hating on the Kaiser Chiefs? I haven’t seen them in concert here, but from what I’ve watched of live performances on Youtube and etc., they seem fun to watch. They look like nice guys.
    And shit, if W.A.S. had to open for a band whose music I truly despise (Fall Out Boy/MCR/Panic! at the Disco and etc.) over here, I’d STILL pay for at ticket to see them. (I did the same for Muse last year for a radio festival lineup that included Avenged Sevenfold and Papa Roach…*pukes*…but that ticket was worth every goddamn penny to see “Assassin” live.) I don’t care what your excuses may be- but you UK fans have had like four opportunities to see them so far in 2007 and now you’ve got more coming up, yet some of you are complaining! GAH! You complainers are all ingrates- take your complaints elsewhere because I’m gonna delete your shit off my site.

  10. I don’t give a shit who they tour with. and I can totally wait until January February. It’s summer dates and late spring/winter tour dates that I can’t manage no matter if it’s 2007 or 2056.

    and yeah, I agree with renee. I’d still pay to see them. It’s not like you can’t walk out on the other acts. haha.

  11. i would have seen them earlier this year or at the next gigs…but i just czant afford the travel or time to travel to get there..and it sucks.

  12. Renee is right! UK WAS fans have absolutely no reason to complain, WAS are over there all the time!!

    And as for you Kaiser Chiefs haters — what the fuck is worng with you!? I’ve seen Kaiser Chiefs twice, and as much as I love WAS (which is a thousand times more than anything ever) Kaiser Chiefs were still the most fucking amazing concert I have ever been to. And I’ve seen WAS thrice.

    any England-ers have absolutely no reason to complain (and those of you how aren’t are simply gorgeous in my eyes!).

  13. ok one person said something about kaiser chiefs. no need to drop an atomic bomb. anyone is allowed to complain as long as they are tough enough to take a potential beating for it. ;]

  14. I brought up the Kaiser Chiefs thing because I’ve seen it elsewhere and I don’t want to see more of those complaints brought over here.
    Oh, and if you’d like to have an icon/avatary thingy, you’d need to set up an account with WordPress. Creating an account at WordPress is free.

  15. Ok, just wanted to give my opinion (I don’t often bother, but today I have one!)

    … yes, Kaiser Chiefs are the secondary band for me in this case. WAS always come first, but I genuinely do like the Kaisers and thoroughly enjoy their music and want to see them live. I’m also taking a friend who *worships* the KC’s hoping that I can convert her to the ways of WAS. That is my mission.

    … and I do feel lucky that WAS seem to be so generous with the shows they do over here. I realise from looking at other sites and forums that their shows in the US have been few and far between recently.

    That is all! 🙂

  16. yeah its not cool to slam other bands (esp. if there flippen good! Like the kiaser cheifs) when your about to write something mean or something your grandma wouldn’t approve of just think…Wwwasd? and smile!!

  17. it isn’t just WAS fans who hate one the kaiser chiefs, it’s anyone with EARS. they’re such absolute guff. it’s an actual travesty that they let things like kaiser chiefs slip onto national radio and into the public consciousness. absolutely awful.


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