DJ set soon, Filter TV clip

1990s set for Club NME New York City
W.A.S. is listed in the DJ sets for this show on August 2.

Filter TV: We Are Scientists / Siren Festival
Some of their performance of The Great Escape is included while the guys are asked about the new album and how to make a “great escape”

And, I must end this post to share the link to a site that’s definitely like no other typical music blog I’ve seen and is worth your time to visit:

Gigawave is a music blog by my friend, and fellow W.A.S. fan, Mahsa. You’ll see some beautiful artwork there along with some great suggestions on bands to check out, and more.


4 thoughts on “DJ set soon, Filter TV clip

  1. according to wikipedia the album is gona be called Radio Busy…and also claim a November 2007 release…

    saying that…anyone can write anything on wikipedia…

  2. That doesn’t look right. I don’t think it’s correct information there because I’ve only heard about a possible January release for the new album. Plus Radio Busy sounds lame compared to the other titles- I was leaning towards Onlookerswatchedinhorror or YOU ASKED YOU FIND OUT FUCKED UP SECRET.

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