Fall/Winter UK tour dates

It looks like in addition to the Kaiser Chiefs support slot, they’re getting there early in November to do shows at universities:

November 5 – Preston 53 Degrees
November 6 – Whitehaven Civic
November 7 – Edinburgh University
November 8 – Leeds Met. University
November 10 – Surrey University
November 11 – Leicester University
November 12 – Keele University
November 13 – Norwich University
November 15 – Peterborough University
November 16 – Derby University
November 17 – Plymouth University
November 18 – Southampton University
November 20 – Swansea University
November 25 – Oxford Brooks University
November 29 – Bangor University
December 1 – Skegness The Big Reunion
December 2 – Warwick University
December 7 – Dundee Fat Sams Live
December 9 – Inverness Ironworks
December 13 – Northampton Roadmender

Tickets are supposed to go on sale tomorrow, the 30th, but See Tickets has some shows up for sale now.


17 thoughts on “Fall/Winter UK tour dates

  1. Oh man. I just bought my Kaisers ticket and now I want a Fat Sams Live ticket. WAS playing my home town again. Damn, damn, damn. This will involve much begging to get to this as well. I’d be seeing them 2 days in a row, which would be awesome indeed.

  2. Yeah we might see each other. Which of the Kaisers gig are you going to – Glasgow or Aberdeen?
    Dunno if Fat Sams will be an over 18 but it is an over-18 venue for everything else. Thankfully I’m 18.

  3. Yay, excuse me while I go into “stalker mode”. Haha, not really! But what’s the point in seeing them just the once? This is gonna cost me… 🙂

    (p.s. Is there an age that’s too old to be following a band around????)

  4. all the other gigs on ticketmaster at fat sams are over 14s and 16s…and i saw Idlewild there last year…i duno 😛

    i’m maybe going to the Aberdeen one and staying overnight seen as the Glasgow one’s on a school night(friends mum doesnt wana drive on a school night)

  5. Ah it’s Glasgow for me as it’s closer to Stirling where I’m going to uni, easier and cheaper to get there and back for Friday (where I’m hoping I only have morning classes now).

  6. Wowee! Great tour! Does anyone know where one can get tixs for Dundee? Or Edinburgh? I’ve checked, see tickets, aloud and ticketmaster, but no joy!?!

  7. dundee you have to phone fat sams and they give you another phone number…

    edinburgh are saying something about tickets not going on sale till the 17th and them not having their allocation :S
    i’m gona phone back tomorrow and see if they have any idea what is actually going on(dad phoned originally)

  8. you can now get the edinburgh uni ones on ticketweb 😀

    is is borderline stalker if you’re seeing them on the 7th of november and the 7th + 8th of december?
    AND considering going to the Gonzo thing 😛

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