Another show in Canada and pictures from the Toronto show

I came across this blog for the music channel, Much Music, and after looking through Much Music’s page on We Are Scientists, I noticed that under their “who’s on tour” section they have this:

We Are Scientists
September 8, 2007
McMaster University
Hamilton ON

I’m sorry I don’t have anymore details on this. I’ve tried looking up the college’s website and it’s giving me an error page. I think it’s a legit listing- even though it’s not confirmed anywhere on official W.A.S. pages- but neither was the event at Niagara college earlier this week, and I’m sure that event happened .

I also found a few pictures from last night’s show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Looks like they’ve put a lot of the new songs in their setlist:

Click on this picture to get to the rest of the set from duxxie.

ETA: And there’s apparently another show tonight? I don’t know why these university shows weren’t listed anywhere online.


7 thoughts on “Another show in Canada and pictures from the Toronto show

  1. I have 2 theories as to why they haven’t announced any of said gigs. One: they want to test out new material on an unsuspecting audience, hence getting a more honest reaction than they would if their excited fans saw ’em. Kind of like test marketing. Two: they’re THAT big they don’t need to announce shows (websites?? pshht! who needs ’em?) and rely on word of mouth and people will flock.

    Or maybe they just enjoy this unofficial fan scavenger hunt for news/shows? 😛 C’mon now, you know you like these little surprises popping out of nowhere. 😉

  2. Hey – thanks for linking to my site. My thinking, for the Queen’s show at least, is that they are not open to the public, therefore there is not much point in advertising it widely. I was surprised to hear about it for the first time this week and I work at the campus radio station and, i think, am fairly “in the know”… but since i’m not a student perhaps i am not. cheers. r

  3. You’re welcome, rgsc, and thanks for posting about it! Even if it’s not open to the public, I think it’s good to know about it. I’m surprised that not even Metric has anything for these shows they’re headlining.

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