Watch them on MTV Canada

MTV Live: “We Talk to We Are Scientists”
This is a short video interview with the guys, they get free cans of Chef Boyardee!

“It’s a Hit (Live)”
Good news for Canadians- you can watch this! Bad news for everyone else: “Copyright restricts us from playing this video outside of Canada. DOH!” BOOOO MTV, you suck!

And the news page was updated today! 😀


9 thoughts on “Watch them on MTV Canada

  1. Yet another funny interview with the guys but I love how the audience kinda just doesn’t get their humor.

    Interviewer: Is it a feeling of, you know, elation that it’s finished? You long to do it again?
    Keith: We’re working on time travel. We WILL make this record again!
    [Dead silence followed by nervous tittering]

  2. you bang, she bangs, you want some…uhh! haha thats funny.. yeah yeah i got that feeling about the audience too but i thought they were way funny like always

  3. haha the audience. the one girl behind chris who had the black shirt one defo didnt get their humor. like really even if you dont get it.. shouldnt you at least look intrigued? or puzzled? she looked like she was in the middle of algebra class. youre with we are scientists hunny! cheer up!

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