Swervefest Roundup


Great show last night- we heard six of the new ones! Woohoo! I recorded almost all of them except for “Let’s See It.” If you were there, feel free to email me your links to your photos and videos too.


Click on the photos to get to the corresponding Flickr sets. (These aren’t all the photos, just a few samples of the gorgeous photos from everyone else)

Tapper Chris and Max and Tapper Keef


all of 'emtapper And the fangirls sigh

Also found some from Goldenticket

Videos (They’re not uploading as well as I’d hope they would be, but I’m uploading them all now and will find a better place to host them later)


Lethal Enforcer

Altered Beast

ETA: OCT. 3, 2007


Random bits between songs of Chris and Keith talking to the audience (sorry if some of it sounds unclear, damn that stupid bitch who kept on screaming “JUST DO IT!”)

Found this video of both “Impatience” and “Let’s See It”


18 thoughts on “Swervefest Roundup

  1. yay! i had such a great time.

    was this a picture of the set list that was in front of chris? because if so, you were standing next to/behind me somewhere!! i snagged chris’ list.

  2. I’ll work on touching up the best pics and uploading them this evening. I had to stick around for another half hour until security died down enough for me to get backstage and talk to Keith, Chris and Max for a few minutes (Tapper left a little earlier).

    Keith says they’ll be in California for the next month or so to keep recording the second album and that the expected release date is March 2008.

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Great pictures people!

    The videos are really good too Renee. (I can only dream mine will EVER be that good!) 😉

    I’d better start practising!

  4. aww man..dial-up sucks!! it takes 30 minutes to load the first 30 seconds of Lethal Enforcer!
    But Renee, I love you for these videos, and I’m soo jealous you got to see them again before the next album!

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