Gonzo tour cancellation

Gonzo Tour Change
MTV reports that W.A.S. and Foals have pulled out of the Glasgow show. Refunds are available if you ordered through Ticketweb.

And a note from Chris about this bit of news: “Ya know the funny thing about that Gonzo tour: we never agreed to do it in the first place!” Oh MTV, shame on you for getting anyone’s hopes up.


6 thoughts on “Gonzo tour cancellation

  1. 😦 i had tickets and was the most excited i have ever been about a gig since hanson at king tuts (no really) and that is a shit load of excitement. does anyone know the new line up? cos foals arent playing either and all the mtv2 website says is “very special guests”. i’m guessing they won’t be as special as was. 😦

  2. Awww, well I’m sure MTV will get a band that’s really really popular there in the UK and that’ll hopefully be close to as good as W.A.S. is.

    (And no hate from me when it comes to Hanson- heck, I want to see their show in Hollywood in 3 weeks but I’m seeing the Backstreet Boys that night.)

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