Brain Thrust Mastery

We Are Scientists line-up strangest support act ever
I’m not even going to attempt to summarize what this is about. Tour go-ers, I implore you to record these seminars and upload them immediately!

(FYI, save yourself the disappointment of looking up the URL for Brain Thrust Mastery, it leads back to the W.A.S. homepage.)


21 thoughts on “Brain Thrust Mastery

  1. Those boys best bring these ‘seminars’ to the USA or they’ll have ME to answer to. *Snaps fingers to summon entourage*

  2. ha ha! that’s put a much-needed grin on my face today 🙂 …and i can’t believe that there are no seminars happening with the four dates i’ve got tickets for!!!

    (i may just have to make a special effort to get to the London one…)

  3. I’ve got a friend researching that for me. I hope it isn’t because that sucks because people going the concert at night aren’t all Edinburgh Uni students and then this is a whole different uni so surely they have to open it for all who want?

  4. only thing is…if it turns out to be students only…it’s probably saving my education 😛

    i need to stop taking days off 😛

  5. Wednesdays are my days off uni. 😀 Just means I’d get an earlier train to Edinburgh which isn’t a problem for me. We shall see.

  6. Non-students can go providing there are tickets/seats left tomorrow. I’m going earlier anyway in the event there are and my friend is gonna get a ticket before her first lecture if there any. I would think there are since it got advertised 2 days ago there is a fair chance. Crossing my fingers and toes.

  7. what time do you reckon it will be at…

    i really wana go…but i really need to be at school 😛
    i missed a double period of mod studs last wednesday 😐

  8. Well that was probably one of the weirdest hours of my life. But wonderful and hilarious all the same. I’m gonna get a review of the concert and BTM on my Livejournal at some point very soon and will share the link here.

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