Michael “relinquishes his duties”

We Are Scientist drummer ‘relinquishes his duties’
Wow, guys, I’m in shock here. I don’t want to believe it, but it’s definitely true. Good luck to you, Michael, in all your future endeavors. You’ll be missed.

I Was Scientist: tour unaffected, says band, as drummer quits


19 thoughts on “Michael “relinquishes his duties”

  1. I knew it would happen eventually, but so soon? Oh man, this sucks. I nearly started crying in class during some kids presentation. WAS won’t be the same without the Tapper. 😦

  2. This is really sad news. Still, I’m sure that it was a well thought out decision and everyone’s happy with it.

    Have they changed their tour dates? NME says that the first date is Edinburgh November 7th, but I have a ticket for Middlesbrough on Saturday.

  3. I’m kinda hoping NME have got their facts wrong again…

    I’ve been crying for like the last 20 minutes, since I found out… it can’t be true…

    my friend just reminded me that the same thing happened to My Chemical Romance, and they got Bob who is awesome…but no one’s better than Michael 😦

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