The new album’s name, an interview with FatAmp, and a place to download live tracks

The new album’s name is…

Brain Thrust Mastery

Many thanks to Chris Cain for kindly answering that for me.

Fat Amp Music Meets Chris Cain of We Are Scientists December 2007
The nice folks at Fat Amp Music tak to Chris about the tour and a smart way to sell the new album.

Are there a bunch of We Are Scientists live tracks or interviews that you wanted to hear and download but were too late to get them because of stupid time limits or bandwith reasons? Well, I’ve come up with temporary* solution to that.

1. Go to

2. Type the username: wearescientistsbootlegs

3. Type the password: whatstheword1

You’ll find several mp3s of various live tracks and interviews you can download. There’s still lots more to add there, and if you have some to share, please feel free to email them at wearescientistsbootlegs(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll be uploading more tracks there soon. Thanks to Adrian for uploading LOTS of live tracks from this recent tour.

Please note, you may only upload live songs and interviews there. If I see any of WLAS on there or b-sides (i.e. Crap Attack), I will immediately delete it from there.

And c’mon, people, keep voting for Keith at the NME Awards Poll! Even though he has no chance in hell to beat the current #1, it’d be nice to see him in the top 5.

(*I say temporary because I think one of these days I might buy some hosting space, but for now I’m too cheap to do that)


12 thoughts on “The new album’s name, an interview with FatAmp, and a place to download live tracks

  1. haha wow, the new name…it was so obvious! Yet no one realized…

    I think I expected something a bit more serious…but oh well. I approve! Not as good a name as “With Love & Squalor”, though. But still very fitting.

  2. BTM as the album name – I approve! Not sure I will be able to talk about it without bringing up the seminar too though and that would probably confuse my friends. lol.

  3. renee is so awesome, she gets information to divulge such that it tickles our fancies to the point we may laugh and cry and pee.
    next year is already reminding me of 2006 and I am reaaaaaaaally excited for 2008.

  4. Wow, thanks so much!
    Nice to hear what the album name is; can’t wait for it to be released!
    March here I come.

    And the tracks are great too, i’m going to be occupied for HOURS.

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