Their Christmas greeting, another video interview, and download a whole show from this past tour

Hey, have you checked your inbox lately? If you’re subscribed to the We Are Scientists mailing list, then I’m sure you’ve received their Christmas message. If you haven’t received it yet, you can download it here.

And happy holidays, everybody! We’ve all got, what should be, a very exciting year ahead of us.

ETA: 12/23/07

We Are Scientists Backstage with Blender
Blender interviews Chris and Keith at the New York Magazine event. And it looks Brain Thrust Mastery‘s tentative release date is March 18?

We Are Scientists in Edinburgh 12/17/07
You can download their set from Cardiff here, and there’s an XFM interview in there too. The quality of this is really clean- it’s definitely worth your time in downloading.


8 thoughts on “Their Christmas greeting, another video interview, and download a whole show from this past tour

  1. ahahaha!! Oh my… I kept getting really distracted bt Keith badge tho 😀

    I’m wonderinf if I am possibly not on the mailing list seeing as I did not recieve…I thought I was tho!


  2. hahaha oh man, that video made me feel really awkward. Keither sittin’ there like a betrayed child while Chris gives him leftover hummus…SUSPECT!
    why did tapper have to leave before the holidays. :'[
    I am just going to feel empty this christmas (inasmuch musical group lineups are able to affect).

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, just noticed a sudden influx of visitors and was wondering where they were coming from. For the record though, I just realized I’d mistitled the post. It should be in Edinburgh 11/7/07.

  4. that cardiff set’s pretty rad.. finally we got decent quality bootlegs of dinosaur and after hours (which feels like the best song ever -.- ).. those tracks on repeat should make the waiting time seem a little bit shorter.. thanks!!

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