Listen to the first airing of “After Hours” tonight AND on Myspace

If you’re in the UK or if you can listen to BBC Radio online, this should be of great importance to you, (the times are GMT, of course):

Super Brain Thrust Mastery this evening… the countdown begins!

‘After Hours’ – WAS’ brand new single will be aired for the first time on Radio 1 tonight by Steve Lamacq and Colin Murray on their respective shows between 9 and 10pm, and 10pm and midnight. Tune in here to catch it:

Listen live –

ETA 1/9: The front page of the official site has a new tidbit about the After Hours video.

ETA 1/11: I’ve been informed that “After Hours” is on Myspace. I would double check if my workplace didn’t block it. 😦 Go to their Myspace page and hear it for yourself.


35 thoughts on “Listen to the first airing of “After Hours” tonight AND on Myspace

  1. Just heard it! Fantastic!!!! So many layers that I haven’t heard in any other We Are Scientists song…. Can’t wait to listen to it again!

  2. I can only agree with Liam! I just said the same about the multiple layers! Amazing!!!! 😀

    Am I allowed to post a link of my radio rip?

  3. Ahhh, that was brilliant!! !

    And I definitely agree with the whole layers thing.
    I reckon it’s got something to do with Max Hart.. having another person must add a few more options.

    C’mon March!

  4. Well you’re deinitely not being rude, if anything you’re being really gracious. There are just so many rules with downloading and sharing and stuff that I don’t know whether or not its allowed. However, even if you did put it up the only thing would happen is Renee would delete it and thats that. Maybe post it on the bootleg gmail thing she made? I’m really not sure.

  5. It should be fine: the ‘We Are Scientists Fave Five’ was put on the gmail account okay, and there didn’t seem to be any copyright issues with that that I know of..

    Sorry to butt in!

  6. I’ll send her my link so that she can decide what to do. As you said, there are so many rules and I don’t know which apply to a radio rip.

  7. Okay, to hell with it! If this is any kinds of wrong, please delete it immediately!
    I don’t mean to cause any harm.

    It’s not the best version anyway, cause it’s cut off (I didn’t want the talking on it):
    [DELETED by Renee. Sorry, everybody. Please see the explanation in my next comment.]

  8. I see I see… Well hopefully everything will be fine because I can’t wait to hear it again! It’s so awesome to hear new We Are Scientists…. It’s been ages since something came out. But it was worth the wait! (No pun intended)

  9. Hey everybody, please don’t post a link to download it here. The bootlegs account is for LIVE tracks only, not for official releases and that includes radio rips of the new single. I’m really, really, sorry to say that because I know everyone wants to listen to “After Hours,” but I can’t have that publicly displayed on my site. I don’t want to get in trouble.

  10. Yeahh, that’s true, After Hours being an official release and all.

    Still, After Hours might be on Colin Murray later :].

  11. Sod it, I’ve just checked this site and missed both plays. Aargh!

    Never mind, hopefully they’ll play it during the day soon, I’m always listening daytime 😀

  12. Pure brilliance. I loved it. I want it to be March now!

    Also I am gonna assume when the boys said this one would be ‘released next month’ at the Dec gigs they meant ‘it will be in your ears constantly but you can’t buy it till March 3rd’. I was so ready to buy it right now as well.

    Oh and is listing the BTM album for preorder now. March 17th. There’s just the album and there’s a 2-disc special edition. Perhaps a BTM session was full recorded. I wonder if it was the Edinburgh one since that was first. That’d be very weird for me.

  13. just listened to it…it sounds so different! I feel like Keith has slicked down his voice with extra suave gel or something. Or maybe some New Order gel. it is awesome though, I love it!

  14. Just thought I’d point out this little blurb on the front page of the official site: “After Hours, the video, will be splashing your shoes in the next couple days. There’s a dog in it, and a pretty girl, and two very pretty gentlemen.”

  15. Thanks for noticing that, Liam! I’ve updated this post to add that.

    Max wouldn’t be in the video because as far as I know, he’s not listed as being officially part of We Are Scientists.

    Have you guys looked at their page on Facebook? I’ll link to it here once I have access to it in a few hours. That promo picture from the Brain Thrust Mastery presentations is there instead of the old group picture and it shows W.A.S. as only Keith and Chris. There’s a new write up of their biography too.

  16. Yes, the boys sure are pretty! 🙂
    I really hope it’s the full song on their myspace since I can never get any of the BBC sites to work when it comes to audio/video.. 😦

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