More Brain Thrust Mastery album details

As you may already know, Brain Thrust Mastery will be available for purchase on March 17. Here are some more details about the album, straight up from Chris.:

  • Along with the release in the UK, the album will be available to buy in Germany, Holland, France, Belgium the same day. BTM‘s release date for other countries is pending.
  • The 2-disc special edition is going to have a live acoustic performance featuring roughly half BTM songs and half WLS songs, with the 4-man lineup (Max Hart largely playing lap steel guitar on these songs)
  • The extra disc will have remixes, plus expanded liner-notes with some good photos and lots of text.

Exciting stuff, huh?

Have you seen these photos from the Canal Room show in NY last month? Guy Eppel took some great shots on and off stage.

We Are Scientists: “After Hours” (new song; radio rip)
The scoop about the guys touring around Europe in March is here along with a download link to “After Hours.” (Nevermind about that download link.)

(And yes, new this is a new layout. The image header was created by the wonderful Mahsa of Gigawave- your destination for buzz about live shows in Pittsburgh and Kansas City, musicdraws and more.)

ETA 1/13: For you Stateside fans worried about not seeing W.A.S. this year, read comment 12 of this post to read something encouraging from Chris.


23 thoughts on “More Brain Thrust Mastery album details

  1. i pretty much lost all hope of seeing WAS here 😦

    although this is a new album so maybe just maybe they’ll think about us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gosh, people, just because I didn’t put a release date for the U.S. there doesn’t mean there’s not going to be one. I said the release date for other countries is pending. The US isn’t the only country that’s missing a release date for BTM too, you know- there’s Australia and Japan which are other places W.A.S. have been to and did pretty well when they were there.

    If I had any doubts at all about them coming back here in the States to do promotions and tours and etc., this site would be closed. I’m confident that we’ll all have the opportunity to see them one way or another.

  3. Dammit… the myspace is a 1-minute clip. I’d rather have nothing up on the myspace than a clip. Clips are the fucking uncoolest thing ever. Seriously, please forward that message (though in a nicer manner) to Chris, saying that they should either get the label to allow the whole song or take that down.

  4. They might not have any say in how long their clips can be on Myspace- I read an article somewhere about labels doing that to curb music pirating. Maybe when the single or the album’s released already they’ll have full tracks there.

  5. Full song coming to Myspace! Should be up in the morning, fellas and girls. I agree, clips suck.

    And I give my word-bond of honor that 2008 will see plenty of live W.A.S. in the States, although it’s not going to be in the Spring. Who wants to watch music in the Spring, anyway? Spring is book time. Plus you’ve got the Oscars… Trust me, America won’t miss us. And then, before you know it, possibly as late as when the leaves are beginning to turn strange colors like red and yellow, and strange new shows are being piloted on the networks, there we are.

  6. Wow, its so cool that the band post here. Anyway, is there any chance of an Australian Tour/Gig? Even if its just one show in Sydney or something, it would make my year =D

  7. “possibly as late as when the leaves are beginning to turn strange colors like red and yellow,”


    oh whatever. I’ll be in NYC anyway…it won’t even matter! :[

  8. oh no chris! america will miss you! who loves the oscars more than we are scientists? no one!
    but its okay, as long as you guys come in 2008, because i specifically wrote down that 2008 would be a great year because of a number of reasons, but i believe a w.a.s. show was ranking in the top 5, if not the top 2. so that would just be outright cruel to mess my list up.

  9. Chris (or Keith, if you’re reading) – Think Canada please! Specifically, the west coast.. I don’t know, say, Vancouver would be exceptional! Make that “suspicious” tour bigger than just TO and Montreal this time. Cheers! 🙂

  10. Woohoo!! Quite excited to her the Scientists will be heading back to N. America this year!
    And like Camy said, think Vancouver. The Commodore Ballroom needs you guys to come play again!!!!

  11. Now I can’t wait until autumn, my birthday’s around then and seeing these guys would be a great experience. But guys, if you happen to read this, please do a show in Missouri if you can, because I’m locked in the middle of the state and don’t have my license yet. Plus, Missouri almost never gets a good concert, you guys could be the start of a good thing! Well, if you read this, thanks for listening, even if you don’t do a show here. If you didn’t read this, thanks for at least letting me say this.

  12. Hearing that the band will finally be back to the states this year is amazing. I don’t think they’ve been back since fall of 2006 (i saw them 3 times summer 06)

    Fantastic news.

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